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Projects' Profiles


The European Union (EU) is one of Ethiopia’s strongest, long-time partners in development, democratization, and humanitarian assistance. Among the sectors that EU support has prioritized over the years has been that of civil society. The EU firmly believes that well-capacitated Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) will be able to effectively execute their role in contributing to the achievement of positive socio-economic and political transformation, with the ultimate goal of bringing about the sustainable betterment in the life of all citizens.

An empowered civil society is a crucial component of any democratic system and is an asset in itself. It represents and fosters pluralism and can contribute to more effective policies, equitable and sustainable development and inclusive, broad-based economic growth. Civil Society is also an important player in fostering peace and stability, in conflict resolution, and in promoting human rights and the rule of law. By articulating citizens' concerns, CSOs are active in the public arena, engaging in initiatives to further participatory democracy and governance.

The new Proclamation for Civil Society Organizations (1113/2019) in Ethiopia makes the EU’s priorities for the sector more relevant than ever and provides a conducive legal environment for the EU to support a wider group of CSOs. The reforms that it entails are creating the conditions and space needed to facilitate the work of the sector. At the programme intervention level, the on-going European Union Civil Society Fund Phase III (CSF III) has the overall objective of increasing the participation of citizens and CSOs in the development and democratization process of the country. Thus, it is supporting the civil society sector to take advantage of the roles expected of it under the reform process. One means of doing this has been the provision of 27 grants to CSOs amounting to EUR 11.75 million since the beginning of 2020. This publication provides information on the grants’ portfolio of CSF III, including details on the individual actions and the 66 partner
CSOs involved in their implementation.

Although many of the projects got off to a slow start due to the direct and indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in some cases because of sporadic insecurity in certain intervention areas, most now seem to be progressing well. We wish all our CSO partners every success in realising their planned benefits to the communities they serve and their contribution to the wider goal of national development. 

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